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What would our schools look like if all families could be leaders in their children’s education?

We know that family engagement makes a big difference in student success. But families – especially families of color –  face real barriers.

PLAN’s 100% Engaged Campaign pushes the boundaries of traditional parent involvement to create Transformative Family Engagement – a shared responsibility of families, schools and communities aimed at helping students learn and achieve. It is a continuous process that can happen anywhere children learn – creating environments that support parents and families as strong leaders and advocates for their children.

When schools are 100% Engaged, families are partners in creating a safe, respectful and welcoming climate where all children can thrive. When schools are 100% Engaged, families have the power to bring more support and resources to students who need it most. When schools are 100% engaged, we leverage the strength of families to ensure the success of our most precious community members – our children.

“Working with PLAN allowed us to engage with parents in ways that wasn’t happening before.”
~ Wesley Jacques, former principal, Esperanza Elementary

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